No. Our preferred way of working is that you only pay once you are happy, and therefore all you have to pay is £29.99 per month once your website is live.
There is no definite timescale as it depends on if decisions are made regarding things such as colour schemes, wording and images etc. Once we have everything in place, the average build takes 10 days before presenting you with a draft copy
Yes - as part of our process we create a sitemap and submit this to Google for them to index your website
Appearing at the top of search engine results depends on a number of factors and forms part of a practice called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO is specialist field that has a dedicated role and although we are experienced in this area, we choose not to specialise. You may wish to hire a specialist to carry out this work for you.
There isn't one! you have our word. Our aim is to provide the personal touch, coupled with professional outcome, at an affordable price.
We understand that things can change, and services offered adjust over time requring changes. We therefore offer the opportunity to make 1 request per month for adjustments. The request can contain multiple changes, but we require a limit to ensure all our clients needs are serviced.
The design, colour scheme, pictures and content is completely your decision! we want you to be completely happy with the look and feel. We do however use a standard code template for the structure. This can be customised/adjusted, but will need to be discussed further.
No - you have the flexibility to request us to remove your website from our hosting immediatey. You will own the domain name, meaning you can take this to any developer/company you wish.
We understand things can take a different direction or people can change their mind. All we ask is 30 days notice to process your request.
After the 30 days notice your website will be removed from our server and will no longer appear as live on the internet hosted by us.
Yes. The reason we insist on this is so you are protected in the event of our agreement ending. If you buy the domain name, you own it and therefore can take it elsewhere.
We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your website before you promote it to clients. You don't pay anything until the website is live and even then, you can request further changes if required.
Our pricing is already extermely comptetitve in todays market, so the monthly fee is the lowest we can offer.